DDAddin: Drag and Drop to HTML5 Addin for Microsoft Outlook


Version history

The package can be installed without a license key in order to test the software. The test period ends after 30 days.

DDAddin Setup for Windows 64bit
DDAddin Setup for Windows 32bit


For end users:

DDAddin License Key - NAMED-USER, 30 USD per user.
DDAddin License Key - UNLIMITED for an unlimited number of users.

For developers:

DDAddin License Key - OEM to integrate DDAddin with your products and receive the source code. Compiling the DDAddin sources requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. Compiling the setups requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Installer Projects.


A selection of well-known customers:

Feedback and Support

DDAddin documentation can be found here here.

If you encounter problems, have any questions or feature requests, please send a mail to wilutions@googlemail.com.

Known Problems

2017-03-06: Attachments cannot be dragged from Outlook 2013 onto a web-site, if previewing of attachments is disabled. This option is found at "FILE - Options - Trust Center - Trust Center Settings... - Attachment Handling - Turn off Attachment Preview". This box should be unchecked. Neither Outlook 2010 nor Outlook 2016 show this effect.

2017-04-10: An attachment dragged from an Outlook 2013 inspector window, that shows a new mail, gets lost when it is dragged onto a web-site. This also happens without DDAddin installed.